Biryani by kilo

Biryani by kilo 

As soon as we hear ‘Biryani’, the goodness of aromatics flavors starts rolling on our mind.

India has numerous cuisines when it comes to food.  Biryani being a very famous part of Mughlai cusine,comes from different states with various varieties. Lucknowai , Hyderabadi and ,Kolkata biryanis etc, being most famous for its flavours also depicts the culture of its respective state and have been the integral part of its history. 

One of my favorite places to satiate my cravings for Biryanis is BIRYANI BY KILO. Its one of the most authentic place I have found till time.

Biryani by kilo was launched in May 2015 and by now have extended it 8 outlets in Delhi NCR. One of the outlet is fulfilling Biryani Desires of Mumbaikars as well, in Andheri Mumbai and nearby areas.

Recently the organisation did a Contest named ‘Dawat-E-Biryani’, in which I participated and  got lucky enough to get  selected by the jury. 

They organised a very well planned day for all the contest winners. It was when I along with other winner, got  a chance to see quality standards that BBK is following.

At BBK,rice comes from premium Rice brand ‘Dawat’. and they use most expensive and best quality rice that is available in Daawat rice brand … this brand doesn’t needs introduction as our own Amitabh bachan ji is the brand ambassadors  for  the rice.

I was astounded to know the fact that each rice grain used in the BBK Biryani, goes through 8kms processing journey before it enters BBK Handi and hence my surprise came to an end as to why their biryanis tastes so well.

Their taste is indeed supreme as their spices are bought from Kerala in order to maintain flavor & aroma.

Another thing that took me by surprise was that Biryani By Kilo have their own In-house butchery which is made in order to maintain quality and sanitation standards.

As the name suggests the goodness is delivered to us in 1/2 & 1 kg package that comes in handi. (They do take cooperate & big sizes party orders as well). Every Biryani that they deliver to us is cooked fresh to dum individually after the order is placed.

Biryani for biryani by kilo is not just a simple recipe its a science to create magic n get aromatic flavours throughout. 

Highly recommended for the real Biryani Lovers like me!

pic. Credits: bbk, Instagram!!

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